Monday, August 17, 2015

Clouds came in from the north and it started to rain

Sunday morning the sky was overcast. Weather Underground's radar shown a swirling mass of storm out in the Gulf, wheeling toward Mobile and Pensacola, and turning our way.

By mid-day Sunday brunch, the sky to the northwest was dark gray. When we came out of the Rouse's supermarket up on Franklin by the lake, raindrops spattered us as we pushed the cart to our car. It all let loose on the road, sheets of water on the windshield, abated when we drove under the I-10 underpass, then splashing back down as we emerged.

We out ran the storm to the Bywater, but the drops began falling as we unloaded the groceries. We settled in for a cozy Sunday afternoon.

The rain came down again in the evening, and then again at four in the morning, I could hear it pounding away on the tin roof of the gallery outside the bedroom window. This morning as I walked the dog, thunder growled off over the river, where I could see a thunderhead over veiled rain. The forecast is for more storms the rest of the week.

I have a few errands to run, but otherwise, it's a stay-in kind of day.

It has broken the streak of excess heat, for which we're grateful. During the afternoon rain, I could sit comfortably on the front porch with a book and watch the rain come down. Jack's tethered to a long lead near me, so he can wander a little, but when the rain comes, he's happy to stay under cover.

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