Saturday, August 15, 2015

Welcome aboard

Mural at Rampart and France Street
Yesterday I attended the official orientation for new students at my program. This was followed by the unofficial orientation, at the Parkside Tavern on Carrollton, near City Park.

I met my fellow students and program faculty. I spoke with one of the professors whose class I'll be taking this semester - he teaches the non-fiction writing workshop I'll be taking on Tuesdays. He remembered me from my spring visit, which was flattering.

I also met several other program professors, a couple of fiction writers and another non-fiction prof. And I really enjoyed meeting students - they are a diverse group. Some quite young, others, like me, returning to grad school after busy lives. This is a group with a lot of good stories.

This evening there's another event at a local restaurant, with food and - I'm told - killer daiquiris.

I feel so welcomed, and I am really looking forward to jumping in and getting to work.

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