Thursday, August 13, 2015

Work ahead

My classes begin a week from today. I've ordered the required books for my classes, and they've started to arrive. I'm renting some of the books - it's cheaper than buying, and you just have to return them at the end of the term. Others, I'm buying because I think I will want to own them. Others, I'm buying digital versions of them.

So far, I've received about eight books. There are a couple more I'm waiting on.

For my "Non-Fiction as genre" class, these are actual books, not textbooks, and when I signed up for the class, I started reading the suggested list, taking them out from the Los Angeles County Library.

My other book-intense class is on British Romantic poetry, and I've got a couple of poetry anthologies. I've dipped into them randomly, but it's hard to know what poems the class will be focusing on.

In any case - it's all about reading. Books, books, books!

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smalltownme said...

I love books. I just got a job in a book store!