Thursday, June 12, 2008

Color of the day - Aqua

I had a day to myself. I was wearing a fine cotton tunic that was the clear, pure aqua of water in a swimming pool.

And it seemed like I saw that color everywhere I went that day.

I went to get my brows threaded at an Indian beauty shop in Culver City - the beautician uses a twisted thread instead of wax; much less painful, and no burns from hot wax, either. At the cashier counter, there they were, glittering at me, delicate glass bangles in aqua and gold - $5 for six!

As I drove home, I saw aqua taverns
A sign with a flash of aqua
An aqua bike
In the store - Oh, delicious aqua!
Best of all? This gorgeous aqua ride!

Wouldn't you like to cruise in this? (yes - I admit - it was being towed on Venice Boulevard.)

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