Sunday, June 29, 2008

Upcoming Changes

This blog is three months old. I enjoy writing it, and I hope you're enjoying what you read.

But I need to correct some mistakes I made at the beginning

First, the title, "Doves Today." I thought I might change it but on reflection I'm going to keep it. It does, after all, pay homage to a lucky muse on the day I started. There is a problem with the URL and the title not being consistent with one another.

I am trying to find out how to change my blog's URL - and ask those who have me in their blogroll to update it - and have a redirect link at the old URL. I'll let you know when I do this - it will be soon.

Also, I plan to change my screen name displayed on this blog, and that will appear when I comment on other Blogger accounts. I've used "g" for years to comment on political blogs, because it's so neutral. But for a blog Author, it has no personality. Also, it's too much like Mrs. G's name - and I certainly don't want to disappoint people who are looking for her!

So, What should I use for a new name? A nickname? I never really had one - at least not one people used to my face! [The Man I Love] calls me a couple of things, but I don't think I want to use those.

Something with a witty literary, theatrical, or film reference? That leads down a very crowded trail. Shakespeare, Jane Austin, John Waters, Rodgers & Hammerstein......Who to pick?

Or I could use a screen name I've used in the past that is from my family.

What would you do? How did you pick your screen names? did you stick with your original names? If you changed things, how did you manage the change?

Your suggestions are welcome!


KathyR said...

I wrote my original Blogger blog for three or four months before I jumped to Typepad. New url, new platform, new name. The last post on the Blogger blog was the "go see me at my new bog" post. Amazingly, people did.

Can't help you on the blog name. I use my real one. My real one being so boring and generic that I could still pretty much be anyone.

I do enjoy your blog and I'll follow you. Just leave some breadcrumbs.

Mary Alice said...

What a great opportunity! Sometimes our real names don't match who we have become completely. Get out a name book and find something that fits who you are....or who you would like to be. That can be your pen name.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I went with my first name--which I haven't gone by irl since I was 2. I quickly realized that spelling Jen with 2 "n"s was not that original which is why I include my blog name as part of my name signature.

Is the word "Dove" something really cool in another language?

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I fixed your URL in my blogroll to reflect your new one. :)

M. Bouffant said...

Jenn has a very good idea, en EspaƱol the word for dove is "Paloma," which I for one think sounds good. (French: colombe, not as nice.)

Earlier I was thinking "G. W. NOTBush," based on...but that's not really as clever as I thought.

I've used or made up many a pseudonym in my time (used to be Dr. Jazs, frex) but almost all of them were obviously male. Although "Dr." in front of something is pretty gender-neutral.

Paloma would be pretty good though, especially/maybe w/ an alliterative last name added. Picasso, however, is already taken.