Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's in my garden?

Sweet peas. These are self-sown - I carefully planted their ancestors eight years ago, and each year they've come back without any assistance from me at all. The pastels of the originals have given way to this uniformly beautiful two-tone look. They are amazingly fragrant!

Red-hot pokers! They are right next to a big shrub of Rosa mutabilis, which opens its single blossoms peachy orange, and then they age to pink. The color combo is a knock-out!

The David Austin rose "The Yeoman." Its scent is breathtaking - sometimes described as "myrrh-scented." It's hard to get now, but it has been used by breeders to create some of the most amazingly scented roses on the planet. Mine was grown from a slip cut from my mother's plant, which in turn was grown from a slip cut from my original plant in Seattle.

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JCK said...

Oh, I am ALL OVER that rose.