Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Dress

I gave Stella a call this week, and she said The Dress is done. When did I want to come pick it up?

So yesterday I went downtown. I got to her place about 11:30 in the morning. The Dress was gorgeous! It fit perfectly, and its skirt floated and spun as I twirled. I sat and talked with Stella for a while. She was hosting an artist's reception that evening. She's had the store for about 3 years, which surprised me - I thought she'd been here longer. She said even in that short time the neighborhood has really changed.
She told me that ever since she was a little girl, she would dream about dresses. She dreamt that she needed to go someplace and didn't have a dress to wear. Then she would dream the dress, and when she woke she'd have the idea in her mind.

After I left her store, I walked around and had some great adventures - I'll post about them later.

But first - The Dress. Here it is after I got it home. Mr. Lumpy's checking it out because he smells Stella's cats.
Can you believe that this narrow little mirror is the only full-length mirror in my entire house? How'd that happen?

The skirt is cut on the bias, and when I twirl, it flares out beautifully.

It has wonderful Czechoslovakian glass vintage buttons down the front of the bodice. It feels as light as a feather, and the wide picture collar frames my face and throat and makes me feel ever so elegant.

Stella says she names all her dress designs, and she's decided to call this one the Marilyn Monroe.

Later, as I walked up Broadway, I passed a Bridal/Quinceanera shop that had this gorgeous gown displayed out front. This dress would hold its own at any red carpet event. Los Angeles is the center of the fashion and apparel industry on the West Coast. Designers like Stella and the Senora who runs this store are part of the same circle of artists, designers, and experts building this fashion economy.

I encourage you all to check out Stella Dottir's website and her store on Main Street in downtown LA. And - maybe head over to Broadway and check out the Quinceanera shops, too.

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