Saturday, September 20, 2008

Counting Weenies

For those of you who work for an employer, like me, I'm sure there are times you have to account for things in a quantitative fashion. Like sales, or revenue, or expenditures, or inventory.

And no matter how fancy or elegant the products you sell might be, in the end it's just a widget that has to be counted. It's probably just as wearying for the office minions at Rolls Royce Ltd. to tote up the annual sales in limousines as it is for the folks down at the Hot Dog Hut to tote up the daily sales of weenies.

Sometimes you focus on the big picture. You count weenies in the aggregate - trends in weenie revenue, profit/loss analysis of weenies, and projections of future weenie sales.

Other times, you just have to count the actual weenies. Where I work, lately, I've just been counting the weenies. It's disheartening. It's boring. I can feel my horizon contracting to a world where only weenies matter.

I have to remind myself - don't let it be all about the weenies. Look beyond the weenies. Transcend the weenies.

Instead, think of.....the mustard.


Susan Hickam said...

I enjoyed your advice-be about the mustard! good post.

Thru Pink Curtains said...

about your last weeks pic, i was so surprised to see pink peppercorns but i guess there is just about anything anyone could want nowadays. they are so pretty and just nice to look at!!!

Queenly Things said...

Sometimes all I can think about is putting mustard ON the weenies.

Rebeckah said...

Hi, I just saw your name on The Jason Show and I popped over for a visit! What a funny and thought provoking post : )! I also love your title. Doves Today. I hope you see some Doves tomorrow : )! God bless.