Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Private Road

There are a lot of "Private Roads" here in Topanga. What do you do when you encounter a sign like this?

Do you continue exploring the road? Or do you obey the sign?

If you obey, why? Fear of being confronted? Respect for privacy? Meek submission to authority? Not wanting to get in trouble?

If you continue, why? Defiance? Intense curiosity? Adventurousness?

Here's another question - do you feel different about it if you're walking instead of driving?


KathyR said...

Well, on some mountain and canyon roads I would not venture up them for fear of being shot at. But not in Topanga so much.

I probably still wouldn't go up in my car unless I was invited. I might walk up a bit.

Queenly Things said...

You obey because it's the right thing to do. Also, fear of being shot.

Rebeckah said...

I definitely get off the road : ). I am afraid that a mad man with a gun would come chasing me if I was on his private property : )!