Sunday, August 3, 2008

Urgent! important life decision!

What are some of the most important decisions in a woman's life? Career choice? Marriage? Children?

Ah, but those are simple decisions! I'm faced with one of the most complicated and critical decisions of a woman's life - Which shoes should I buy?

I know we'll be doing a lot of walking on our upcoming vacation, and that requires a good pair of walking shoes. In the summer I opt for sandals. They have to be both comfortable and attractive, which is a tall order. Years ago, I found the perfect sandal, a Rockport - but after 6 or 7 seasons of bliss, my heart was dashed by Rockport discontinuing the line.

For the past two years I've worn a Rockport sandal whose virtue is comfort - but, lets face it, doesn't cut it looks-wise.

The other day I looked at these ratty, ugly things (and, frankly, they're beginning to smell!) and went right to to order some new ones.

I love Zappos! I ordered three pair of black sandals in the category of "Comfort" sandals, limiting my search to low-to-moderate heels. They arrived in two days. I just need to choose what I want and send the others back, free shipping, for a refund.

So - help me out here. Viewed in the only full-length mirror I own (a ridiculously skinny glass in an antique oak armoire) - Here are the three candidates.

What pair would you choose as your all-purpose, everyday summer vacation walking sandal?

Candidate #1 - Life-Stride brand. Low heel. Black leather, black inner sole. Pro - elastic inserts on straps allow for snug fit with some give. Con - design includes straps that rub across small toe. Also, frankly, a little boring. Clunky heel.

Candidate #2 - Softspots brand. 2.25" heel. Black leather, brown piping, light-colored insole. Pro - Cute! Heels strap has adjustable buckle. Con - will heel high last for long days? Also - small heel base = wobbliness.

Candidate #3 - Softspots brand. Huarache styling. Black leather, light insole. Pro - Cute! good heel height, graceful heel look. Con - heel strap non-adjustable, tends to slip off.

Rating on comfort, cuteness, and general points - Let me know which pair you think I should keep!


McSwain said...

The heel on the middle pair is cute, but I'd twist my ankle twice a day. I vote the last pair.

For every-day, I'm devoted to Clarks shoes & sandals. They aren't quite as sassy as I'd like, but hey--I'm on my feet all day and I've reached the point in my life where I must have comfort.

M. Bouffant said...

I'm no help on which to choose, but the tale of the Rockports™ is a reminder that if one ever finds an item of apparel that is pleasing, functional, well-made, etc., one should snap up as many as possible, 'cause they'll be unavailable before you can say "Boo!"

SUEB0B said...

I would go for #1. They are cute enough and seem to be comfiest. I am big on comfy.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I say #3. They have a cute heel but still look comfy.

suesue said...

my vote goes for #1. they're cute and they look comfortable which is soooo important! i love the pink octopus-my daughter would just love to have taco trucks rolling around here. she works with Mexicans and eats with them every morning. have a fun week and a great vacation!

Mingus said...

#1 and #3!

KathyR said...

Those Rockports don't look so bad.

#2 is cutest, but not likely to be comfortable for walking-around sandals.

#3 wins unless the strap thing is a deal-breaker. I wonder if you could get a shoe repair guy to shorten the strap.

I couldn't wear any of them. That back strap would just keep slipping off no matter how stretchy or adjustable it is.

Timi said...

I'm kind of partical to #2 those are cute. You could wear them with skirts, dresses, capris, pants or whatever. They are cute.
Which did you end up with?
I'm loving your blog. I wish I wasn't up to my neck in camping laundry again and a dirty house so I could sit and read the whole thing. I'm going to have to come back later.
Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your comments. :-)

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Number 2 for sure!!!

Vallen said...

I vote number 3, they make your feet look like they ready to salsa and they'll go divinely with your Silver Mexican bracelet.

Mary Alice said...

I love #2.