Thursday, August 7, 2008

Whichever way the wind blows

I'm anticipating some changes where I work. There are changes that come from the natural cycle of things. People move on, old friends depart, new people come in and become new friends.

There are other changes that come from reorganization. There are new "goals" and new "missions" that take precedence over what we're used to doing. Naturally, when this happens, it also affects workplace politics. The pecking order shifts, someone's star rises while another's star falls.

Will the changes affect me? They sure will. Nobody fully embraces change, and I have some apprehensions about the months ahead. But I'm not in a position to direct what happens, only to adapt, and keep moving.

What kind of changes have you dealt with in your lives recently? Is it a challenge, or have you mastered it? What kind of tips or techniques do you use to keep yourself grounded? What lessons are universal, applying both to the workplace and our lives in general?

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McSwain said...

"Reorganization" forced me to take a good look at my life when my job got cut from the budget of the city I worked for. I ended up completely changing my life and career. I make much less money now as a teacher, and sometimes I miss my old job/life, but... I am more than sure that I'm the better for it.

At the time, though... it was an uneasy time of not knowing whose job would survive the politics, and what the workload of those left behind would become.